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Tank cannon Shell is a large ballistic projectile fired from Tank cannon. They explode upon impact.


Tank cannon shell is shaped like a rocket, like most modern tank shells. They are normally High Explosive Anti-Tank rounds, which are effective against wide ranges of targets. They deal high damage and travel very fast, which is difficult to dodge once fired unless being fired from afar. The explosion is often lethal, capable of killing a Nanosuit soldier in one hit, and also destroying most vehicles in a few shots.


  • Tank projectiles travel very fast, though not as fast as any real life cannon projectile, which can ensure the damage as they are difficult to dodge.
  • Tank projectiles are also lethal, capable of killing most of infantry in one hit and destroying vehicles in a few shots.


  • The explosion may have decent blast radius, it is still smaller than even LAW rocket explosion, this makes cannon shells less effective against infantry.


  • From game file, tank shells are 125mm in diameter.
  • While the use of Russian 125mm gun is common for the KPA, it is strange for the American who in real life prefers 120mm gun.
  • It has smaller blast radius than most real life tank HEAT rounds.
  • It shares its model with other missile projectiles.