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The tech scope is an advanced thermal optic featured only in Crysis 3. It's a 1x magnification scope with a thermal overlay, providing much the same functionality as the humble assault scope, but optimized for low-light conditions. Similar to the sniper scope, there's a second level of zoom for greater magnification, though in the tech scope's case it's roughly 2x.


The thermal overlay allows you to track and see targets based on heat signatures, rather than pure visuals. The advantages of this for low-light fighting should be plainly obvious. In essence, the scope bestows nanovision without needing to be spend energy, and provides a somewhat similar sighting picture as the assault scope. The sniper scope-like zoom-in is primarily useful for ensuring you land tricky priority headshots during ambushes, and shouldn't be relied upon much outside of this.


The scope has peripheral vision almost as low as the sniper scope, and comparable scope sway. The feline 3X is particularly temperamental when fitted with this attachment. Like normal nanovision, the tech scope can't distinguish between friendlies and hostiles.



  • The scope's thermal view is as same as Nanovision.
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