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The Lost Island is a map pack available for Crysis 3. It is set "on a remote tropical island off the coast of Lingshan"[1] - the setting for the original Crysis. It was accidentally revealed by users resynching their Crysis 3 achievements/trophies. It contains 4 new maps, and will add 2 new modes: Frenzy and Team Possession. Also two new weapons were added: Claw and Rhino








Team Possession[]

Based on the classic Capture the Flag mode. The team has to capture and hold the flag for as long as possible.


Totally Oarsome - Get a kill with boat Oar (Public Match only)

Renaissance Man - Get 2 kills with each weapon in a round of Frenzy (Public Match only)

Flawless Victory - Get the most kills and win by reaching the score limit in a game of Frenzy (Public Match only)

Egocentric - Hold the flag for 4 minutes in a game of Team Possession (Public Match only)

King of the Swingers, Jungle VIP - Get 30 kills with the flag in Team Possesion (Public Match only)

Cliff Diving - Get an 'incoming!' Skill Kill from the top of the central rock on Coastline (Public Match only)

Slippery Customer - Slide for 1km on Creek (Public Match only)

Swept Aside - Kill the entire enemy team within 60s of activating the radar on Crossing (Public Match only)

Chocks Away Old Boy! - Melee an enemy of the cliff face with a pole on Ascent (Public Match only)

Wish You Were Here! - Complete a match on all four DLC maps (Public Match only)