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The Village is a small, yet advanced town appearing in Crysis. It is the largest village on the Lingshan Islands. It is located north of the Excavation Site, close to the shore.


The village is located close to shore, its terrain is relatively flat. There is a mountain nearby, located to the south. A water falls is also located on the mountain, flowing from the Excavation Site. Due to being placed close to the shore, the people who live here are presumed to be fishers.

During Crysis[]

According to the KPA officer interrogating a Hostage, the hostage was placed under arrest for spying on the research team and was put into the heavily-guarded village. Nomad is told by Prophet that a Hostage is being held in the village. Nomad follows Prophet's orders and he fights his way to the village. Psycho moves into the village silently while Nomad eliminates some KPA soldiers. He searches the townhall that is being used as a KPA HQ and finds the Excavation Site's map. Nomad then moves into Coseco school. He searches inside the school until he hears an argument between a KPA commander and the Hostage. Nomad and Psycho break and storm in to the room on the second floor, killing the commander and saving the Hostage. The Hostage reveals that she is a CIA and tells the story that she and Badowski have escaped from KPA, but Badowski was killed by something. She was rescued by the KPA and was then held inside Coseco school. The Alien Mountain then releases a shockwave as an earthquake, which can be felt far away from the island. Prophet soon reports that a part of an armored division is heading into the Village. Nomad is ordered by Psycho to take down the two tanks while Psycho takes care of the Hostage. Nomad successfully destroys both of the tanks and receives an order to meet Prophet at the falls. The village is not mentioned again.


  • Inside the school, several paintings can be found.
  • The school model is used as US forces multiplayer barrack in some urban and rural areas.

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