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"Pretty girl, not many of those in my field. If I were ten years younger I’d.."
―Gillespie expressing his feelings about Helena Rosenthal.

Tim[1] Gillespie is a U.S. scientist working with the U.S. Military aboard the USS Constitution.


Gillespie worked on the TAC Gun during the events on the Lingshan Islands, and completed it after Nomad's arrival. Helena Rosenthal soon found Gillespie in the armory and asked Gillespie to work on Nomad's suit. Gillespie was then asked by Prophet to upgrade his suit. Gillespie upgraded Prophet's suit and examined the MOAC Prophet was armed with.

Nomad arrived and Gillespie worked on his suit. Nomad then spotted the TAC gun being displayed and asked if he can try it out, but Gillespie said no due to top secret reasons. Gillespie was working in the lab after Nomad left. While working, Ceph troopers presumably stormed in and killed Gillespie by stabbing him. His body is found in the armory when Nomad goes to get the TAC gun.


"Hey, Nomad! If you see her...uh...could you tell doesn't matter."
―Gillespie signaling Nomad as he leaves the armory.


  • It seems that Gillespie may have had a crush on or had fallen in love with Helena Rosenthal.


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