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Trucks are the KPA's primary ground-based transport for troops and supplies. They appear in Crysis and Crysis Warhead.


Trucks are large 6-wheeled vehicles that typically have the tan camouflage that is characteristic of KPA vehicles. Some trucks have a hard-top covering over the back.


The gunner fires a mounted Shi Ten machine gun. The machine gun is fairly accurate if fired in short bursts; single shots also work as well. The weapon overheats quickly, and while the vehicle is in motion, it is highly inaccurate.


In singleplayer, the vehicle is commonly used in KPA convoys. It is also used at times to transport reinforcements when the player attacks KPA encampments. The truck can reach speeds of 40 mph and even mid-50's when using the NOS booster. Though it can travel at nearly the same speed as an LTV, its size and handling make it less suitable for the player to use.

In multiplayer, trucks are used as mass troop transports and assaulting undefended points. There is a mobile command center variation that allows players of the same faction as the owner of the truck to respawn near the truck, as well as buying weapons, ammunition, and equipment. There are several players who use trucks in multiplayer for non-combat use.


C4 Placing C4 on a patrol route can prove an efficient way of destroying a Truck, particularly as they sometimes come with other vehicles. Cloaking and waiting for the Truck to come near and laying the C4 on it will also work.
Grenades A well placed Frag grenade or Rifle Grenade will destroy a Truck despite its size.
Mines Using mines is straightforward as long as the Truck's path is known, which is usually fairly common.
Missiles Any type of missile will destroy a Truck. It may be worth it to use a LAW even though they are rare because if the Truck unloads even some of its passengers, it could mean a much harder fight.
Tank cannons A single hit will destroy the Truck. It may be worth enough to spend a tank shell against multiple infantry.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the Truck, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Gunfire The Truck is only moderately armored and enough gunfire can destroy one. If the Truck does not have a covering over the back passengers, it may be possible to kill them before they exit the vehicle. There are also several weak points that bullets can exploit. The wheels can be shot to disrupt movement, which could possibly cause the Truck to crash. There are also fuel tanks behind the front wheels on either side which, when ignited with a bullet or strength punch, will burst into flames and destroy the Truck very quickly.
Punches Strength punches can ignite the fuel tank, but the mounted machine gun makes this strategy dangerous. The Truck also explodes very quickly after the fuel tank is ignited, making any attempt likely suicidal.
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