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The Tunguska Iteration is a substance created by Jacob Hargreave in order to combat the Ceph by using the Nanosuit 2.0 to create an antidote - technically a nanite-based biocidal agent - for the Ceph Spore.


The Tunguska Iteration is an unknown substance that boosts the Nanosuit's Spore Combating Protocols. It is introduced via syringe and is given to Alcatraz by Hargreave at the end of "Masks Off" as a last hope of defeating the Ceph. seeing as how he was unable to get the Nanosuit 2.0 for himself.


As stated above. the substance boosts the Nanosuit's Spore combat capabilities dramatically, possibly above what Hargreave himself considered the theoretical maximum. As shown in intermission cutscenes. the Nanosuit at first simply trapped the Spore cells long enough to make them harmful to Ceph, while adapting its own defenses to build a crude form of resistance to it. The suit scanned the spore to 76%. but a locking protocol was required to complete the profile. After taking the Tunguska Iteration. the Nanosuit rapidly develops the means to infect and reprogram the spore cells themselves, rendering them harmless to humans, but almost instantly fatal to Ceph. This eventually enabled Alcatraz and the Nanosuit, at great cost, to be able to process and weaponize the large amount of Spore in the Central Park Hive, unleashing a cloud of such scale that it cleanses all Ceph in Manhattan in mere minutes.