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The Typhoon is a superposed loaded "shotgun/submachine gun"-hybrid Metal Storm-type weapon system featured in Crysis 3.


The Typhoon features a 720-round tube-like chamber magazine that supports extreme 30,000 rpm rate of fire that drains said magazine very quickly. It is first seen in the Crysis 3 E3 2012 demo (with a reflex sight mounted).

Typhoon Crysis3 Well... Hi.png

Players are able to carry two whole magazines (a total of 1440 rounds). Compared to the Mk.60, the Typhoon is a man-portable "minigun" that sacrifices accuracy and stopping-power for an extreme shot-density and multi-target suppression capacity. This highly destructive weapon system was designed for decimating hordes of Ceph infantry and dropships in a matter of seconds. The incrediblely dense spread makes it extremely probable to "critical hit" an enemy's most vulnerable or unarmored spots; even when not aimed at.


The Typhoon is very inaccurate and difficult to control, so it should usually be fired in short bursts. However, it is a surprisingly effective sniping weapon. A single burst can kill a C.E.L.L operative but occasionally two will be needed, typically against Enforcers, which sometimes carry Typhoons. The Typhoon is, however, somewhat of an overkill on C.E.L.L infantry so it should be used almost exclusively against Ceph if the player wishes to conserve ammunition.


Accuracy: 4

Rate of fire: 10

Mobility: 7

Damage: 8

Range: 2

Stability: 3


  • The Typhoon seems to function using electronically initiated superposed load technology (multiple projectiles loaded nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them), similar to weapon prototypes designed by Metal Storm Limited. However, the Typhoon most likely incorporates both electromagnetic and Metal storm technologies. As shown in "the 7 wonders of Crysis 3: Episode 4" pellets are stored inside the tube-like chambers without any propellant between them. The magazine itself is divided into two sections: tube-like chambers containing pellets and the battery. Electromagnetic nature of the Typhoon was also confirmed by the Crytek's description of this weapon: "This epitome of human-designed weapons technology uses electromagnetic technology to fire 500 rounds a second." It's simply a Gauss submachine gun combined with improved multiple barrel technology similar to the Metal Storm's solution.
  • In the 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 video Prophet mentions that the Typhoon was created to "hit the Ceph and hit them hard." He also mentions that it is the culmination of 2000 years of human warfare.
  • It may be the counterpart of the 'Hurricane' minigun.
  • Its appearance seems to have drawn inspiration from the FN-P90 submachine gun.
  • In Crysis 3 multiplayer, the Typhoon only carries a magazine of 500 rounds, likely for balancing reasons 
  • The Typhoon has a default secondary fire mode, which switches the alignment of the barrels, configuring it into what is essentially a automatic shotgun, using up 36 rounds each time.


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