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The USS Constitution (CVN-80) was a Gerald R. Ford-class super-carrier mentioned throughout Crysis, and was the setting for the game's final level. Due to the presence of at least two Admirals on board, it is assumed that, although the USS Maine and the USS Lexington were also engaged in operations against the KPA and alien forces, the Constitution effectively acts as the overall command center of Operation Eternal Liberty. The ship's commanding officer during the events of Crysis was Admiral Morrison.

The vessel deployed with six guided missile destroyers as escorts, which kept a close formation around the carrier. Five of these escorts were destroyed defending the Constitution, and a sixth was destroyed after the carrier sank and created a large whirlpool. The ship was heavily damaged in a prolonged assault from alien forces, and was eventually split sheer in two from the force of an alien warship crashing into the flight deck. The ship was the last of the three known US carriers in the theater to be destroyed or incapacitated - with the Lexington battle group MIA in unknown circumstances (likely destroyed) and the Maine, presumably with the rest of her battle group, having been frozen during the expansion of the ice sphere.



Carrier OPS (VTOL Take-off).


Carrier OPS (F-36C Spectre Landing).

The USS Constitution was heavily armed. Current planned specifications for the Gerald R. Ford-class (the first was not due to be commissioned until 2015) indicate that the Constitution had over 75 aircraft in its Carrier Air Group, comprised largely, perhaps exclusively, of F-36C Spectre fighters and VTOL gunship-transports. Given that there is no mention of any amphibious assault ships with any of the US task forces, it can be assumed that the carrier also housed the small number of US M5A2 tanks and Gauss-equipped variants that were used by Team Idaho in their assault on General Kyong's main KPA forces, as well as at least a portion of the USMC forces involved in the assault on the island. The Constitution even carried a limited number of nuclear warheads, mountable on missiles, and a fully-equipped and staffed military research laboratory, equipped to repair, calibrate and modify nanosuits and test prototype weaponry such as the TAC Launcher.

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