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The USS Maine (CVN-82) was one of the carrier strike force used during the assault of the Lingshan Islands. It stays relatively close to the islands, and is finally frozen and occupied by KPA Nanosuit forces.


The USS Maine is never referred to in Crysis. It is found frozen in Crysis Warhead at the start of Frozen Paradise, where Psycho and Eagle Team must clear the KPA Nanosuit snipers off from her deck. Psycho then charges in and fights the rest of KPA Nanosuit forces inside the carrier. He finally reaches the other side of the carrier. The USS Maine's fate is unknown.



The Maine taken in Frozen Paradise.

Like the USS Constitution, and USS Lexington, the USS Maine is heavily armed. It is capable of carrying over 75 aircraft composed of VTOL, F-35 Lightning II, and possibly experimental and newly-produced aircraft. It may also carry a number of land vehicles like M5A2s and APCs. On its deck and inside the hangar, multiple weapons and ammunition can be found, suggesting that it is only little different from the Constitution.