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Visor is a new Nanosuit 2 function that appears in Crysis 2  and 3, replacing Binoculars from Crysis and Crysis Warhead.


The visor is an extremely useful tactical tool. It can instantly scan the user's surroundings, and display enemies, weapons, tactical opportunities, and other useful objects on the Nanosuit's HUD. The user can then mark any of these objects, where they will remain visible on the HUD while the visor is deactivated, even through walls. Marking enemies will allow the user to see their position on the HUD's map, along with a marker shown when the user is looking toward them. A colored outline is also visible when the enemy is not obsured by obstacles, which indicates their individual level of awareness; this matches the color of their map marker.

The visor can also zoom in to a 3x magnification. A reading just below the visor's center crosshair indicates the distance of the object being pointed at from the user.

Users can also hear noises from where they are pointing; audio will play as if the user is standing at the location they are looking at. This can be very helpful in overhearing enemy conversations.