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WZ-19 Attack Helicopters are the KPA's primary air transport and combat vehicle appearing in Crysis.


Attack Helicopters are the only helicopters in the game, which are colored with green camouflage including either a KPA or US logo on the sides.


The WZ-19.


The Attack Helicopters have a large amount of unguided rockets compared to VTOLs and many other vehicles. The rockets are launched alternately from each wing by the pilot. Though the rockets are comparatively weaker than those of most other vehicles, they are still effective at taking out lightly armored vehicles such as LTVs and Trucks.

The gunner has control of a mounted minigun turret while the pilot has control of a fixed machine-gun.


Helicopters are used by the KPA in singleplayer as air patrols or troop deployment craft. Though the helicopters have a large number of rockets, they are ineffective at taking out tanks and APCs. Instead they should be focused on groups of foot soldiers and lighter armored vehicles. AAAs can be destroyed, but it will take around ten rockets, by which point the helicopter may have been destroyed.

Flying an attack helicopter is somewhat more difficult than a VTOL. The forward key will cause the helicopter to rise. The forward key does not need to be maintained, as the helicopter rotor will always spin. Pointing the helicopter nose downward will cause it to move forward and down slightly. Leveling it out will keep the helicopter from moving. The strafe keys will cause the helicopter to slant and move slightly in that direction. Like all vehicles, the sprint key will cause the helicopter to move faster.


AAA AAAs will take out helicopters easily, so long as they are not badly damaged.
APC APCs will destroy helicopters easily so long as the cannon can reach.
Missiles It will take around 2 hits with a LAW to destroy a helicopter. Depending on the speed of the helicopter, it may be difficult to hit, so take care to aim properly.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the Helicopter, which allows any damage to shatter it.
Tank cannons It may be difficult to hit a helicopter with a tank, but the helicopter will be destroyed in one or two hits.
Grenades Rifle grenades or the FGL-40 Automatic Grenade Launcher can take out a helicopter in several direct hits. However, it will likely be difficult to hit the helicopter.
Gunfire Gunfire should be a last resort when fighting helicopters. Shooting out the fuel tanks on either side of the helicopter will cause it to lose some control, but it can still fly. The tail rotor is the weakest spot. Hitting it will destroy the helicopter much faster than anywhere else. It is best to use the Precision Rifle as direct hits on the rotor will destroy the helicopter very quickly.


  • The designation of "Wuzhuang Zhishengji - 19"(武装直升机-19) indicated the Chinese origin of this chopper.
  • This chopper bears some resemblance to both the Mil Mi-24 Hind and AH-64 Apache Longbow.
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