Crysis3 xpac
Production information

Explosive Plasma Heavy Weapon

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Rate of Fire

5 Round Burst





Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type

Plasma Bolts






The experimental Plasma Accumulator Cannon (X-PAC) is an explosive weapon used by the Devastator units that appears in Crysis 3.

Specifics Edit

The X-PAC mortar is a very powerful weapon which can destroy Ceph Devastators or Pingers with just a few rounds. Like other Ceph weaponry, it does not need to reload as it feeds energy from battery storage.

The X-PAC has 2 fire modes: The first mode fires a burst of 5 plasma bolts that act similarly to grenades; they travel in an arc and explode on impact. This is very effective for hosing down groups of enemies at medium to close range. It is also effective if all shots are fired directly at a single heavy target.

The second fire mode requires the user to hold down the trigger for a moment, at which point it releases a single large plasma bolt that acts like a missile which flies in a straight trajectory. This bolt is extremely powerful, has a wide blast radius and a secondary electrical and EMP effect, making it all-purpose and ideal for long range use, especially against high-value targets like turrets, vehicles, or walkers. Also, it doesn't hold much ammo, and it will be depleted after a few shots.

Like the Reaper Cannon, the Pinch Rifle, the Bolt Sniper, and the Incinerator, this weapon greatly reduces the user's field of view.

In-Game Stats (Crysis 3)Edit

Accuracy: 2

Rate of fire: 4

Mobility: 1

Damage: 8

Range: 6

Stability: 2


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