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The XM2014 is a military-grade combat shotgun issued to soldiers for CQC, including dense jungles and urban warfare.


The XM2014 was developed by famous Italian company, Corbetta Firearms, and features improved capacity and "state-of-the-art" design, making it widely used by private security, police forces, and the military.


Shotgun 1 The XM2014 is a combat shotgun used by both the KPA and the United States Marine Corps. It is unparalleled in close quarters combat and exels in urban warfare. It can hold up to 8 shells at a time in its tubular internal magazine, in addition to another 40 shells. It can be modified to have less spread and more accuracy at the cost of power, or can be left in the default mode to fire in a wider but less accurate cone. The shotgun accepts laser sights, flashlights, reflex sights, and both types of scopes including the sniper scope (although this is not recommended for obvious reasons). It is most effective with the default ironsights or the reflex sight, although it does work surprisingly well with the assault scope if its fired in a narrower spread.


The shotgun excels in close quarters combat, and when modified for less spread it becomes a formidable mid-ranged weapon as well, able to kill a normal KPA soldier with a single shot. It is also moderately effective against Nanosuit soldiers but does very well to Ceph Troopers at close range.


The player can only carry a small amount of ammunition for the shotgun, so it is best used as a secondary weapon. Another downside is that the user has to manually adjust the spread of the pellets for maximum effect. It also has limited effectiveness in multiplayer mode due to the fact that most opponents will kill the user before he or she gets close enough to use the weapon.


  • The shotgun appears to be based on the Benelli M1014/M4 Super 90, although the M1014 is semiautomatic, while the XM2014 is pump-action (except for Crysis Wars, in which it is semi-automatic).
  • The number of holes that appear on a surface when shot is 7 holes, meaning that a shell has around 7 pellets inside.
  • The XM2014 shares a name with the M2014 Gauss rifle from Crysis 2.
  • Due to the designation of the shotgun having an "X" in it, it is probable that it is a prototype and the KPA are field-testing the weapon. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Marshall is the official model.


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